Our story

Timechine Company was founded in 2015 by two brothers who much appreciate vintage clothing and coupled with a shared interest in vintage American military uniform and denim workwear. Timechine Company has been established with a philosophy that is a vintage of everyday wear since day one. Our aim is for quality, comfort, and everyday wear.

The quality of our products are getting better through many trials. Initially, we created the 1st collection by producing graphic t-shirts like vintage memorabilia and continues to evolve since then. Our passion and affection for attention to detail and not only reproducing vintage clothing but giving garments a suitable form for the 21st century’s people.

We focus solely on style dating back the late 19th century up through the 20th century. Driven by philosophy for quality and vintage since day one, we want to enable people to feel the experience and satisfaction of wearing our products.

“The attention to detail that you can’t do with mass-produced.”